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Here, Catholic women worldwide can support, educate and spiritually enhance one another. We reach and teach in conformity with the doctrines, dogmas, teachings and Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Wherever you are, whatever your age, ethnicity or financial status, if you are a Catholic woman this website is for you.

Anyone outside of our faith who would like to learn more about us and our beliefs is also warmly welcomed.

Kitchen Catechism

Through the decades the faith has been passed on informally from mother to child in the privacy of the home. In this fashion a tremendous amount of women’s wisdom has accumulated.

The Kitchen Catechism gathers this rich source of learning and has even developed a simple program that anyone can use to better understand the faith and pass it on to others.

Kitchen Catechism includes 4 Sections: Prayers, Featured Articles, Articles by Lois Donahue (renowned Catholic writer), and Words of Wisdom.

Eye on the Pope

In Eye on the Pope we study the themes and messages the present and recent Popes have proclaimed, particularly in timely and important topics related to the laity, women, womanhood, and our role in the Church, society and the family.

Eye on the Pope includes 3 Sections: