This Website is the heartchild of Marilyn Mathers.

Marilyn Mathers

Marilyn was born in Northern Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles, California as a young child. She graduated from Hollywood High School and went on to Immaculate Heart College, a small girl’s school nestled in the hills of Hollywood. The college closed its doors in 1980 and today the building houses the American Film Institute.

After almost sixty years of marriage her husband, Norman, died October 31, 2006. Five children were born of their marriage and today there are ten grandchildren.

Parish activity has always been a priority for her, and keeping as involved as her life situation permitted, she taught CCD for ten years. The Los Angeles Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women claims her as an active member, also a past president and currently Communications/Media and Public Relations Chair.

It is because of so many outstanding, inspirational Catholic women she met, got to know and love, that she was motivated to start this web site.

Marilyn has always loved truth and disliked deceit. And yes she does have a personal agenda: To get to heaven as well as do as much as she possibly can to help others get there.

Lois Donahue

I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois way back when our priests “said” Mass in Latin and the Nuns who taught us were dressed in “habits” which covered them from head to toe except for their faces and their hands. A few years after graduating from a public high school I married a handsome young farmer and before too long we had four wonderful children…three girls and a boy. Sadly, our first little girl died when she was a baby and I’m sure to this day she still finds herself trying to explain to her Saint friends some of the things her mother does or says.

In time we moved to California, added two equally wonderful boys to the ‘family tree’ and before long I, like Marilyn, began teaching religion CCD classes and did so for several years. After that I spent quite a few more years serving as Director of Religious Education in our parish. Within that framework of time I also became active in the Los Angeles ACCW and was fortunate enough to meet Marilyn. That was the beginning of a friendship for which I will be forever grateful.

Over the years I took a few ‘adult education’ writing classes at our local City College and then dabbled a bit in freelance writing with primarily a religious slant. Most likely that is what led Marilyn to call me about writing for her Website. When I agreed I’m inclined to believe my Guardian Angel took human form, took a deep breath and crossed her fingers…

So much for then —– as of now I remain a wife of one, a grandmother of l7, a great grandmother of 7 and trudge along relying on faith, prayer and chocolate maintaining my firm and most sincere belief that…

“God breathed and there was life
God willed – there was hereafter
God touched and there was love
God winked and there was laughter”

Lois authored a religious/humorous book which Our Sunday Visitor marketed under the title “Dear Moses—Letters to saints and other prominent people” and Liguori published her “A Woman’s Rosary” pamphlet.

She also wrote for Ronda Chervin’s book “A Mother’s Treasury of Prayers” and the Ignatius Press book, “Woman to Woman”.

However most of her published writing consisted of articles which appeared in magazines such as – “St. Anthony Messenger”, “Liguorian”, “Our Sunday Visitor”, “Extension”, “Today’s Catholic Teacher” etc.