by: Marilyn Mathers

As we enter the new millennium we find ourselves on the cutting edge of the frontier in communication. The pace gets faster and faster the reach broader and broader with each new breakthrough in technology. The wonder of the day is the Internet. And lo and behold we are able to enter the field on equal footing with all other contenders.

Many of us remember the advent of television. In the late 40s we would stand in front of stores and gaze with amazement on this new invention. I don’t think we ever realized how fast it would enter our homes and then change our whole lifestyles. Today it would be hard to find a home without at least one TV and often that TVs tuned in most of the day. But always we were the audience who passively accepted what came into our homes.

The Internet is a whole new ball game. It is really a people driven phenomenon. No longer do we need to just stand on the sidelines, we can enter the contest. Anyone can have a Web site and get out their message. You do need to have a computer and you do need to be able to get online.

Financial concerns could limit you in this area but with schools teaching the skills and making computers available even this barrier should shortly disappear.

Because we are always most concerned with advancing the Lord’s work by staying abreast of the times, ACCW must actively participate in the Internet.

Lately I have been spending time trying to make this a reality. It entails securing a domain name and constructing a Web site. I secured the worldwide domain name of Catholic Women and am in the process of constructing the Web site.

All of this activity may make me look like some sort of super woman who is able to leap the highest mountains, but the truth is, it’s as overwhelming to me as if I were going to pilot a rocket ship into outer space and ask all of you to come aboard. But that’s just what I’m asking and I know I can’t do it alone. In these early stages all the Communion of Saints and each of you is essential. Please make a commitment to bombard the Lord with intercessory prayers for the success of this project. So many things in our lives require our prayers, I know it’s a big request to ask a prayer commitment. But without it we have no chance of success. And God will surely bless us, as well as future generations thank us, for having the foresight and courage to enter the fight to keep the Internet on the side of all that is holy and good.

God bless—–Marilyn