The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that by faith, we completely submit our intellect and our will to God. With our whole being we give our assent to God (#143). Lent is a good time to make an effort to live our lives in closer union with the teachings of Jesus as made known to us by our Church.

Lord help me to abandon and surrender” is an appropriate prayer for this season of our year.


This day oh Lord help me to abandon all to Thee, every thought, word, act, work whatever it may be, thru the valleys of depression, to the mountain peaks of strife, help me Jesus to surrender all I am or have in life.

In my mind’s eye I saw a vision what my mission was to be, then sorrow formed a tear which ran slowly down my cheek, for I knew the difficulties, I’m insignificant, I’m weak.

Then I saw You in the garden pray, Your agony, Your pain and I knew Your tears were drops of blood mine were trivial and vain.

Oh Lord help me to never count the loss, only all I gain from Thee, may I learn to kiss the cross.

(Author: Marilyn Mathers)