To Sing the Praises of God

Psalm 150, the last of the Psalms, is a repeated invitation to sing the praises of God. Fixing our gaze on the Lord who dwells in the heavens, we praise him for his mighty deeds and for his surpassing greatness. Musical instruments used in the Temple liturgy are pressed into service in a joyful celebration of God’s love, a love revealed in his actions in creation and in history. The incarnate Son, through his life, death, and resurrection, gives perfect praise to the Father. In union with him, man is able, through word and song, to express the pure hymn of praise that all created life sings to God.

This Psalm is like a great Amen, bringing together all the hopes, prayers, and praises of God contained in the Book of Psalms.

Pope John Paul II
Summary message given in English
by His Holiness of his Meditation
on Psalm 150 at the General Audience,
Wednesday, January 9, 2002