Plea of Catholics who want to learn more about the Faith answered

The plea of many Catholics who want to learn more about the faith was answered recently by the opening of the European Catechetical Conference presided over by the prefect of the Congregation for Clergy. Out of the Conference came the following observations:

The faithful have a right to sound catechesis, and it is up to parishes and diocesan movements in communion with the bishop to provide such instruction.

The challenge of catechesis cannot be properly addressed today if the duty to proclaim the truth is not emphasized.

All available honest and congruent means must be used to resolve that break between the Gospel and culture which generates serious damages in civil society and the Church.

Encompassed is: “the world of politics and economics, the world of art in all its diversified and noble expression, the world of communication and of scientific research, the world of computer science.”

Catechesis is not simply one more activity among the many endeavors of the diocese in evangelization, but represents a unique and fundamental ‘work of justice.