Women of the Bible

by Lois Donahue

It has been said that “people are the ingredients from which history is made”. Remembering that and thinking about all of us “female people” getting together each month, I decided to try listing the women named in the Bible who, as the saying goes, would thereby be some of the ingredients which make our “faith history”. 

I will place them alphabetically to make it easier for you should you be seeking any particular one and, because of the confines of space, will only identify them very, very briefly. I must also admit to you that I did not make it a point to include each and every woman whose name might appear in biblical genealogies like those found in Gn, Nm, 1 Ch, Ezr, Ne, Rt, Mt and Lk.

Also, in some of the Books of the Bible, especially in the New Testament (e.g. Romans) names are mentioned giving no gender identification; therefore, I have not included any person who – is either not specifically identified as a woman in my current reference sources or whose feminine gender remains questionable among acceptably reliable “authorities”. All that being said, there are two things I ask you to remember — I lay no claim whatsoever to being either a biblical scholar or a historian and I am the first to admit that there will no doubt be error and omission in the following. Please know such “boo-boo’s” are not intentional and I would deeply appreciate hearing about them so that I can correct same.

Thanks dear friends.