(Women interacting with women)

by Lois Donahue

I chose to include in the next group the women who seemed to be interacting with other women in some kind of supportive, or helpful, or friendly way. While there are no doubt more instances of this happening, such instances are still playing hide and seek with me amid Testament pages – but these are some I found…

1. When the Israelites had safely passed through the Red Sea, Miriam “took a tambourine in her hand, while all the women went out after her with tambourines”.
(Ex 15:20-21)

2. Women came “to meet King Saul, singing and dancing…” (1 S 18:6)

3. The king of Judah tore down rooms in the temple “in which the women wove garments”. (2 K 23:7)

4. Queen Vashti “gave a feast for the women”. (Esther 1:9)

5. When Jesus died on the cross, “many women were present, looking on from a distance”. (Mt 27:55)

6. There were ‘other women’ with Mary of Magdala, Joanna and Mary the mother of James who came to Jesus’ tomb “bringing the spices they had prepared”. (Lk 24:10)

7. After the Ascension, women were praying with Mary. (Acts 1:14)

8. At the death of Dorcas, “all the widows” came to Peter in tears. (Acts 9:39)

9. Sad to say, even a number of “influential women” were stirred up to help get a “persecution started against Paul and Barnabas”. (Acts 13:50)

(Women mentioned “between the lines”)