by Lois Donahue

Suppose we were each asked, “In which of the aforementioned groups of Biblical women do you think you would be most appropriately placed?” I have a sneaking suspicion we might first respond by saying something like, “since we are definitely not Bible women what difference does it make?” If pressured for an answer with words like “well, just imagine–”, I would guess a good number of us, although we rarely give it any thought, would say, without hesitation, “that nameless, ordinary group”. But you know what? I think God would disagree. Why? Because He knows that for Him no one is ‘nameless’ just as He knows there is nothing wrong with being ‘ordinary’. In fact I’m sure He would be the first to say to us “look around you at ‘ordinary’ trees and water and sand and rock and soil — look at ‘ordinary’ hammers and screws and bolts and wire — and then think about what they have produced — about what they have made possible.”

As to the part about not being “Bible women”, I am sure He would point His finger at us and in some way say, “BUT YOU ARE BIBLE WOMEN and not just because you may read the Bible – read about it – hear about it – or try to live according to what it teaches. It’s more than that. It’s because I knew you were there, with those I spoke to back in first century Palestine. You were, and are, part of the century-by-century accumulative “you’”to whom I said, with love and assurance, “- know that I am with YOU always, until the end of time-” and “I am indeed going to prepare a place for YOU, and then I shall come back to take YOU with me” Just as each of you are one of those ‘they’s’ to whom I promised, ‘THEY shall be consoled – inherit the land – have their fill – see God’ and ‘Blest are THEY who have not seen and have believed’. (Mt 28:20 Jn 14:3 Mt 5:3-8 Jn 20:29)

Don’t you think that would have been His reaction?

(I’m word-weary as I’m sure are you – bye for now)


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