The most powerful weapon in this world is prayer.
Prayer changes things.

Prayer is a secret weapon for women. Prayer is the great equalizer for everyone. It is very effective for the powerless, the insignificant and the forgotten of this world.

Through the ages women and children, unfortunately, have fallen into the category of the powerless and insignificant. But the powerless and the insignificant of this world have a special pipeline to God. And the greatest power of anyone to intercede, mediate or advocate, God gave to a woman, His mother Mary.

Catholics understand this and understand Mary’s role in salvation. They know Mary, as a human being, is just one among many. But Mary the woman chosen to be the Mother of God has great significance. She has been assigned the most important role in God’s plan, to lead us to Jesus.

All of my life I have seen what seemed impossible come about by prayer. I have witnessed what I would call mini miracles and what I would call major miracles occur when people prayed.

That is why prayer is the essential element in starting and maintaining this web site. Already we have seen the results prayer has brought about. A small group of women in Los Angeles started praying for this web site when it seemed just an impossible dream on a distant horizon. And, as dramatic as the parting of the Red Sea, it happened.

Please pray with us that the Catholic Women’s Web site will fulfill God’s plan for it. Pray especially through the Blessed Mother, asking the Father in the name of Jesus that our web site be successful. I’ll sign off now to go and pray the rosary, a most powerful weapon.