As the family goes,
so goes the nation.

This saying, spoken by a wise, ancient philosopher, has been passed down through the ages and is as relevant today as ever it was.

Pope John Paul II in his homily delivered at the St. Louis Trans World Dome Papal Mass, January 27, 1999, said:

“As the new evangelization unfolds, it must include a special emphasis on the family and the renewal of Christian marriage. In their primary mission of communicating love to each other, of being co-creators with God of human life, and of transmitting the love of God to their children, parents must know that they are fully supported by the Church and by society. The new evangelization must bring a fuller appreciation of the family as the primary and most vital foundation of society, the first school of social virtue and solidarity (cf. Familiaris Consortio, 42).”

As the family goes, so goes the nation! I can still remember, in my Catholic grade school, nuns teaching history telling us Rome fell because of moral degradation and France was undone by the breakdown of the family. I don’t think anything like that is taught today. And yet it is so evident the pitiful road our country is taking with the breakdown of family values.

Society tells us the solution for an unwanted pregnancy is abortion and for an unhappy marriage divorce. In reality abortion and divorce are not solutions they are evils. Evils cloaked in glittery glamour and made to look even more than acceptable but sometimes even desirable. There are those who know the truth but they are the voiceless little ones snuffed out in their mothers wombs and the children of divorce. And in this busy age who has time to listen to children.

There is a voice speaking out loud and clear AMERICA WAKE UP!! RED ALERT!! THE WORLD IS IN DANGER!! That is the voice of John Paul II and we would all be wise to listen and act upon what he is telling us. But just like after the dire and dreadful time of the crucifixion there was the glorious and uplifting resurrection, there is much more that is positive about America than is negative. Namely millions of basically good people and it is they who can overcome the evils in our society if they just look to God for the answers.

If they listen to the words of John Paul II and resolve to act on them with a change of hearts and lifestyles. And then, most encouraging of all, are the many young parents waging a tremendous struggle raising their children with solid values in spite of the bad influences in today’s culture.

Oh how I wish they could know how dear they are to our hearts. How very much they are appreciated for the wonderful gift they are giving every citizen of this nation.

Anyone reading this on the Internet is most fortunate because they can go to our Papal Visit page where our Web master has translated some of the important words the Holy Father spoke in Mexico plus a beautiful Prayer for Families. And they can visit the St. Louis web site Papal Visit and read every one of the Pope’s words spoken while he was in the United States.

Through the ages women and children, unfortunately, have fallen into the category of the powerless and insignificant. But the powerless and the insignificant of this world have a special pipeline to God. And the greatest power of anyone to intercede, mediate or advocate, God gave to a woman, His mother Mary.

Catholics understand this and understand Mary’s role in salvation. They know Mary, as a human being, is just one among many. But Mary the woman chosen to be the Mother of God has great significance. She has been assigned the most important role in God’s plan, to lead us to Jesus.

All of my life I have seen what seemed impossible come about by prayer. I have witnessed what I would call mini miracles and what I would call major miracles occur when people prayed.

That is why prayer is the essential element in starting and maintaining this web site. Already we have seen the results prayer has brought about. A small group of women in Los Angeles started praying for this web site when it seemed just an impossible dream on a distant horizon. And, as dramatic as the parting of the Red Sea, it happened.

Please pray with us that the Catholic Women’s Web site will fulfill God’s plan for it. Pray especially through the Blessed Mother, asking the Father in the name of Jesus that our web site be successful. I’ll sign off now to go and pray the rosary, a most powerful weapon.