In God’s Plan There Are Many Truisms

The dictionary defines truism as a self-evident statement, a statement the truth of which is well known or obvious.

In my mind, God’s truth being self-evident or obvious is certainly the case for the world as well as for each of us, but it took a lot of years of living and many of life’s lessons to come to that realization. And every year I get smarter and smarter. So I wish you young people, as well as anyone else who could benefit, would take advantage of my experience and get a head start in the race to eternity.

I will lay down some truisms here. The first and probably most important is, “all truth resides in God”. Outside of God there is no truth. Only when you learn God’s truth can you have a happy, well ordered life, a God centered life, a life worth living.

Jesus Christ would have died on the cross if you were the only human being that needed His salvation. Think of it, you are that important, all the suffering, humiliation and degradation He endured was done to save you.

God has a plan for your life, a very definite, distinctive plan that existed since time immortal. He very carefully created you in His image with every talent, mental and physical ability, and disposition to be able to make the most minute detail of His plan for you a reality. However, and this is the BIG however, because you are created in His image, He gave you unrestricted free will. You are in the driver’s seat, you make all the choices and decisions.

He loves you unconditionally, boundlessly and He very much wants you to choose Him. You are just as much loved by God, as you tread the path of life, as the worlds greatest saint. The most obscure little child on up to the Pope, in God’s eyes, are seen with equal love and concern. But with all the love goes all the freedom to make unrestricted choices. When the final curtain drops on your life, and your day of judgment commences, then, and only then, are you no longer able to respond to the opportunity God has all along been offering you.

We are all so impressed with the great thinkers and highly intelligent people of the world, the likes of Einstein, Thomas Aquinas, Plato. And yet between their highest thinking power and the Divine Intellect there is a cataclysmic abyss, a distance so great it’s immeasurable. So it really doesn’t matter what IQ the world tags you with, because God has given you as much intelligence and reasoning ability as you need to see His truth, to live His life and to earn an eternity spent with Him.

A very trendy word, or concept, now-a-days is: compartmentalize. Compartmentalizing your life means separating it into a cubicle here – a cubicle there, like your relationship with one person being in one compartment and your work life being in another completely separate compartment, etc., etc. But living your life in separate compartments doesn’t stack up to a life that can be lived in God’s plan. There are many reasons why this is so, and they all lead back to God.

To see the reason life is so entwined, so interactive we need only to look at nature, the world, the universe and us humans personally. A look at nature and its’ seasons. summer, winter, spring, and fall, shows one leading into the next, the activity of one being essential in order for the next to do its work. To observe the flowers, how each step is necessary, the soil, the sun, the rain to produce their full bloomed beauty. How everything is interactive even to the life of the little bee to pollinate, whose work is necessary for the plants to reproduce . And when we look at the universe we see God’s plan in gigantic proportions, how intricate the alignment and workings are and how essential the balance of each part is for the others to exist. And the ultimate example of a divine plan is the human body where every organ, and its microscopic components are essential and must work together for the body to function.

So that shows us how everything must work in unison for our existence and it goes even beyond the individual, it goes to all people interacting, working together. “No one is an island unto them self.”

There is an old saying: “Ask not for whom the bells toll. The bells toll for thee.” It comes from Spain and little villages that rang the church bells when someone died. It means don’t ask who died, because if someone died, you also died a little with them. The reverse is also true, when any baby is born it gives everyone new life. So in God’s plan you should always rejoice in new birth as well as share in the joy of a life well lived, bound for their reward in paradise.