It is Faith that ignites your Trust and Trust that rekindles your Faith.

Faith and Trust. And now we find ourselves in the “New Millennium” and in an era that will be forever defined as “The Information Age.” We are bombarded by so much information, so many facts, so many theories it boggles the mind and we must be always wary because often what is passed off as fact is in reality only theory. 

What I will call a “fast food frenzy” has monopolized our entire culture for multiple decades now and the information that is coming at us today is definitely part of this faster-and-faster phenomenon. So what are we to do? How are we to survive? There is only one answer – go back to the eternal, unchanging Truth. Stay rooted in God – the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Have Faith and place your Trust in the Holy Trinity. Have Faith. It’s easy to say but seems difficult to attain especially since many of you are young and in the early stages of your faith journey. But always know God gifted you with faith when He created you.

Faith that is like a small ember, but it is there, and needs to be carefully nurtured and fanned so the ember becomes a small flame and eventually, God willing, a fire burning with love of God, consuming every part of your being, until the day comes when you stand on the threshold of eternity, shoulder to shoulder with the great saints you have only heard about.

The small ember can also be stomped on, abused and extinguished and that is just about the saddest thing that can happen to an individual but it doesn’t have to happen to you. If you are troubled with any doubts talk to God. Tell Him you want to believe. Challenge God, as many converts have, saying if You are there I want to believe in You.

Be persistent and don’t give up because He is there and won’t disappoint you. Ask Mary, the Blessed Mother, to lead you to her Son. Faith and trust go hand in hand in the Catholic religion because they are essential for belief in the mysteries Christ taught. Mysteries that no inhabitant of this earth can fully understand.

The three central mysteries of our faith are creation, incarnation and redemption. Creation – God created you with great love in His image and likeness and gave you free will to accept or reject Him. Incarnation – He came to live among us, in the flesh, born as a helpless infant, an act of great love. Redemption – Because of our fallen nature, inherited from the sin of our first parents Adam and Eve, only God, Himself could offer the sacrifice necessary for our redemption and in His greatest act of love, He was the sacrificial lamb dying on the cross to redeem us.

There are other essential mysteries of our faith, a big one being the Holy Trinity – three divine persons in one God, and of utmost importance, Transubstantiation – the conversion or complete change of the substance of bread and wine into the substance of Christ’s Body and Blood which occurs through the actions of a validly ordained priest during the Consecration of the Mass.

All of these must be accepted on faith and you must trust that God has revealed them to you and established His one, true, holy and apostolic church – beginning with the apostle Peter and continuing to the present Pope – to guard His message from error and spread it to the ends of the earth.

I feel very humble that God has permitted me, a simple person, the opportunity to get this message to you. It has all come about by the wonder of the Internet and this Web Site which makes me confident it is the work of God and only in Him do I place my faith and unlimited trust.