Even in adversity there are blessings

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Even in adversity there are blessings

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Even in adversity there are blessings.

I learned these words of wisdom the hard way beginning in early May when my
husband’s health took a drastic turn for the worse. I was unable to wake him up all one day and that evening he was hospitalized.

The diagnosis was pneumonia and he remained comatose for days. He gradually came out of it, having lost a considerable amount of weight and was unable to talk, walk or accomplish any ordinary everyday tasks. He spent over three weeks in a hospital and then a high intensity rehab unit, which he wasn’table to keep up with, and now is in a slower type of rehab center. It all adds up to over three months of hectic – sometimes as long as sixteen hour – days.

People have commented on what a strong person I am because I’ve maintained a happy attitude– so far anyway – and I always answer them that along with all the heartache there are also ‘blessings’.

‘Blessings’, seems like such a simple word to describe the tremendous amount of resources I have in the deposit of my faith. The Catholic faith gives me the confidence to know that there is an almighty and loving God always concerned and looking over me, knowing every little thing that is happening to me and never deserting me. There is the Blessed Mother who is such an inspiration to me and who gives me great emotional strength knowing she is right beside me always ready to plead my petitions to her Son. There are the angels and all the Communion of Saints. I have especially been saying a Novena to St. Therese the Little Flower and things have sometimes been so desperate I have thought it was best to call on St. Jude, saint of the impossible.

Included in the Communion of Saints is the Church Militant and that encompasses all us folks here on earth struggling against the forces of evil hoping one day to join the Church Triumphant. It is these common, everyday saints here on earth that have been my surprise blessings. The pastor of my parish, the Eucharistic Ministers that come to the hospitals, my family and friends and most of all the bottom line little workers in the hospitals – mostly from third world countries – have given me so much emotional and physical support that I can’t help but remain optimistic. 

The struggle goes on – seeming each day to get more difficult – but the blessings are also always there and they give each gloomy situation a rosy glow.

Please pray for my husband and me, all you wonderful women out there, and know that you are always in my heart and prayers.